• Buhl LED Grow Light - BE-LED-GL130W
  • Buhl LED Grow Light - BE-LED-GL130W
  • Buhl LED Grow Light - BE-LED-GL130W
  • Buhl LED Grow Light - BE-LED-GL130W
  • Buhl LED Grow Light - BE-LED-GL130W
  • Buhl LED Grow Light - BE-LED-GL130W

Buhl LED Grow Light

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Item #: BE-LED-GL130W
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    Buhl led technology in the world of horticultural lighting.

    Grow lighting LED technology for the Horticultural and Vertical farming industry.

    Designed by a leading optics engineer with more than 30 years in LED technology, using primary and secondary optic lens for achieving maximum uniform light intensity and spectral distribution across a growing area.

    By directing the amount of light across a growing surface, we help save energy by reducing light loss which will result in increased yields by putting more photons of light where they are directed specifically on your plants. What does this design technology offer to you?

    1. Improved spectrum control. the ability to adjust RB degrees for optimum growth.
    2. Increased energy efficiency lighting (when compared to metal halide with more then twice the wattages)
    3. Reduced heat overall. fans are not required on our units therefore making it more reliable from failure.
    4. Rapid growing results as high as 50 % *

    Horticulture Lighting - Here’s where “GrowLight” comes in.

    If you give a plant exactly what it needs, when it needs it, in the amount that it needs, the plant will be as healthy as genetically possible

    Plants convert light into chemical energy by using chlorophyl in leaves to absorb the blue and red wave-lengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Provide them with these nourishing wavelengths and you will see how quickly seeds germinate into sprouts and then grow into plants.

    Only “GrowLight” allows you to set the wavelength and see the color of the light you are shining on your plants, ensuring virtually 100% of the light is usable by plants.

    Unlike regular high intensity lighting, where most energy is wasted, with “GrowLight” there is no waste. Since there’s no waste, you save energy - a whopping 88%!

    "GrowLight” uses solid state LED lighting, providing fine-tuned, light optimized plant growth and yield! Our testing consistently delivered 50% faster growth versus standard greenhouse growing methods. While individual results may vary, if you follow the directions, you will see faster, healthier growth!

    Awesome Benefits of “GrowLight” LED Growing Kit:

    • Up to 50% faster growth versus standard greenhouse methods
    • No energy waste - virtually 100% of the light emitted is used by the plants
    • Up to 88% energy savings
    • No ambient heat produced, no chance of burning anything
    • Delicious, organic and fresh veggies
    • Eco-friendly, helps reduce carbon emissions

    Start your garden today! See all the “GrowLight” kit options at http://Buhl-Electric.com

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Great product for growing

    the led light saves a lot of energy

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